Youtube Music premium free
Youtube Music premium free

In this article, I’ll tell you how to get YouTube Music Premium for free. Earlier this year, the most popular video streaming platform, YouTube introduced its music streaming service. They named it YouTube music. As YouTube has the largest music library, it became quite popular among people. Almost every song is available on YouTube. There are streaming services provided by Gaana, Saavn, Spotify, etc. But YouTube has the biggest music library.

Youtube Music Premium:

The premium subscription of YouTube music provides Ad-free music streaming and downloads in HD quality. But that isn’t free. You have to pay for it. YouTube Premium includes premium subscription of YouTube music + YouTube Originals. That means you’ll be able to enjoy amazing web series and HD music. But if you only want the music, then you can buy a subscription of YouTube music. The YouTube music subscription costs Rs. 99/mo. The student plan costs just Rs. 59/mo. So, you can enjoy unlimited music streaming just by paying a small amount.

Why Youtube Music?

Is YouTube music better than other music streaming services? YouTube not only has the largest music library, but it also provides the best music suggestions according to user’s taste. However, there are many streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud that are preferred by people over YouTube. But YouTube Music can surely overcome them with time.

Also, YouTube Music is providing a free one-month trial to all the users. You can use this trial again and again with the help of different accounts. But why do all this mess when you can get the YouTube music premium for as low as Rs. 59/mo. That’s less than 1$/mo. What else do you expect from YouTube?

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Youtube Music Premium Trial without Card(bin method):

So, If you want to try YouTube Music for free without entering your card details, follow these steps:

1. Go to virtual card generator: namso-gen.

2. Enter this code in the bin: 37479000488xxxx (Replace xxxx with random digits).

3. Set quantity to 1 and click on generate.

4. You’ll get card details in the form of Card-number | MM | YYYY | CVC2. (Watch the video for better understanding). We’ll use this card for getting YouTube music premium trial

5. Now open YouTube app.

6. Click on Get Premium. (If you don’t see it, create a new google account).

7. Enter the card details that we generated earlier.

8. Change state to Maharastra. (If it asks for a complete address, enter any fake address of Mumbai. Zipcode: 400001).

9. Click on Buy. Your YouTube Music Premium membership will start. This subscription will be valid for one month.

After one month, you can repeat this trick on another account. Enjoy YouTube Music Premium for a lifetime.

An alternative method(MOD APK):

If the above method doesn’t work for you, you can also try installing a modified version of the YouTube app. This method is only for Android users. You will get YouTube premium without spending any penny or using any card. So, you can download this app from the internet. You can either search on google or refer to the link given below.


Last words: As we know, YouTube has all the music. So, there’s no doubt that it is the best music streaming service. I strongly recommend you to buy a subscription instead of registering for trials again and again. Because YouTube music costs just Rs. 99/month. Also, the student plan costs just Rs. 59/month.


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