In today’s world, most people use Google’s products in their daily life. Google provides us with many services like E-mail services, browser, video platform, personal assistant, maps, document opener, etc. 
Google has developed many apps like google maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Assistant, Google Docs. What if there was no google in this world? What if we have to live without all these popular apps? There are many people out there who use Google apps in their daily. What if  Google shuts down tomorrow? Your life would be a lot harder without google.

Can you imagine your life without a Google search engine?


Google search has made our lives much easier than before. Whatever we don’t know, Google knows. Google knows everything. Many students use Google to search for various topics over the internet. It would be very difficult for us to look for what we want. Although there are many search engines other than Google. But Google is Google and no other search engine can replace it. 

There are many people out there who are making money because of Google search engine. They are getting a huge amount of traffic on their websites and blogs with the help of google. So, it would make a huge impact on their income.

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How would be your life without Gmail?


Go outside your house and ask the first person you meet, his email address. He/She will definitely say [email protected] Most people use Gmail. There are very few people now who use other email websites like Yahoo or outlook. Although outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail have a lot of users. But most of those users also have Gmail accounts. Gmail has the highest amount of monthly active users that is over 1 billion.
Gmail was launched in 2004 by Google. In 2006, it’s mobile app was launched. Till then, only a few people used Gmail. But, in 2009, Gmail came out of its beta stage. After that, it started growing day by day. Now, if you look around, you’ll find that most of the people are using Gmail as their primary email website. 
Gmail brought innovation into man’s life. Today, emails are a lot more important than letters. This is all because of Gmail. If Google shuts down Gmail, there will be chaos. All the users will have to use other email websites. Not only the UI of Gmail is awesome, But it can also be used for various purposes. We can use our only Gmail account on all the websites of Google(other websites like Youtube and Blogger too).

Do you use Google Drive for saving your data?

Many people out there are using Google drive for storing their data for accessing it from different systems and sharing it with others. But what if Google shuts down tomorrow? A lot of people will lose their important data. Also, people will miss their favourite cloud service for storing data. 
Also, Google drive is most secure and trustworthy. And people also get 15GB of cloud storage for free. If Google shuts tomorrow, people who need cloud file sharing in their daily life will have to buy cloud servers from other popular service providers. Many other alternatives like One Drive, Dropbox will take the lead. And people will have to buy their premium packs for using it for high traffic.

Can you imagine exploring without Google maps?


Well, almost everybody who uses a smartphone uses Google Maps. I can’t imagine exploring a new city without Google Maps. People use it while driving, jogging, walking etc. There are also many people who are local guides on Google Maps. They go to places, add them on to the map. And in return, Google gives them rewards. 
If Google shuts tomorrow, it would be hard for people who use Google Maps in their daily life. But, alternatives are always there. Microsoft’s Here Maps is one of these. Also, there are many third-party apps that can replace Google Maps.

Do you like Google Duo?

Are you one of those people who talk to their girlfriend/boyfriend daily on a video call? There’s no doubt that Google Duo provides the best quality video callng. But If Google Duo shuts down, What will you do?

There are many other video calling apps that will take the lead. Whatsapp is one of them. Although WhatsApp messenger’s video call feature still needs improvement, it is the most used app for video calling. Other alternatives are also out there like Skype, Imo etc. So, There won’t be much of an issue. 

But from where do we download all these apps? 


Wait, we forgot Google’s most important Android app, which allows us to download all the other apps. The biggest Android app store all the time. The Google Play Store. As we all know, Google play store is the default app store in Android. But we can live without it.

There are many other app stores like Amazon app store, Mi apps, Mobogenie, Aptoide etc. If Google shuts down tomorrow, we’ll have to shift to these apps. Or we can download Apk’s directly from the web.

But for accessing the web, we need a browser, right?


Google chrome is the most preferred browser of all the time. Everybody knows about it. However, it can’t compete with Internet Explorer 😂😂😂 . So, If  Chrome goes off the roads, people will start using other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. But, No other browser can compete with Google Chrome. However, Chrome is a heavy browser and eats up all of your system’s RAM. But, no other browser has so many features. I use chrome because of extensions. 
So, this is how it’s gonna affect all our lives if Google shuts down tomorrow. Most of the people can’t imagine a life without Google. If Google goes down even just for a few minutes. There will be CHAOS. People will start running here and there figuring out what has happened. There will a sharp fall in internet traffic. The truth is, Google can bring innovations into our lives with its tech. 

Hey, Do you wanna know a secret?

Do you know Google tracks your each and every activity? Google even knows what you texted your girlfriend last night. Google has all the data. Google can track your position anytime. It might be still doing it. But, is all this information secure? How Google tracks you and why? We’ll talk about this in our next article. Till then, BE TRICKY BE AWESOME. Farewell!
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