how hackers spy on your webcam

All of us are surrounded by smartphones, laptops, CCTV etc. We use our devices daily. But, What if someone is looking at you right now? What if someone has access to your selfie camera? What if someone has your pictures? Does this scare you? Well, It’s a crime to click someone’s pictures without permission. But, hackers don’t give a damn about the law.

Hey there, Welcome back to Tricky Bhai. Today, We’ll talk about how hackers can access your webcams, smartphone cameras or any other devices that are connected to the internet. So, without further delay, Let’s get started.

Can they hack anything?

Hackers are very smart. They have methods to hack any device that is connected to the internet, without touching it. Sometimes, it becomes very easy for them if a victim doesn’t know much about computers.

They can have access to your laptop camera, smartphone camera, home security systems and public cameras too.

How hackers can see through your webcam?

For laptops or PC, it all starts with a malware. It can be a tiny software attached with a spam e-mail. Or it can be a tiny extension that gets installed when you download something from a third party website.

I get 10-20 spam e-mails everyday. And those e-mails can either be Adware mails or malware.

How a malware can access your webcam?

Usually, when an application uses laptop’s webcam, It’s LED lights up. But malware can disable this indicator. So, you won’t even know that someone is looking at you all the time. And it doesn’t stop until you remove that malware or shut down your PC.

Malware might be doing its job even if the system is on sleep or hibernation mode. So, make sure you close the lid when you take a break.

Mark Zuckerberg(Co-founder of Facebook) also puts a black tape on the webcam of his laptop. He also advises others to do so.

Can they access my smartphone camera too?

If we talk about smartphones, it can also be used for spying. Usually, it is done by an app. It can be any app that you download from third-party websites. Some apps like these aren’t even visible after installing. And they can have any name like System drivers. This makes it easy for it to hide in the crowd.

How can I keep myself safe?

The first rule is “Never download software from an unofficial website”. You might save a few bucks by doing this, but you might be risking your important data and privacy. Small mistakes can cost you a fortune later on. So, make sure you never go for pirated software.

Another rule is “Never click on links you are not sure about”. Never click on links that come inside a spam mail. And never download anything from unauthorized links.

Also, if you use a public network everyday, make sure you have system firewalls enabled. Public networks are more vulnerable to attacks.

Install a good anti-virus and an anti-malware software on your system. Also, keep it up-to-date. Avoid free anti-virus software, they are completely useless. You can get these software at reasonable prices.

One last rule can be “Never give your laptop to a stranger”. Never let a stranger use your laptop behind your back. Never give your laptop to a repairman you don’t trust. He might install spying software on your system and later blackmail you.

So, that was all for today. I hope you got some useful information from this article.

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