6 easy steps to become a better programmer

Today, most of us are sitting at home and doing just nothing. However, programmers are glued to their laptops. They are the perfect examples of #WorkFromHome. Even a pandemic can’t stop a programmer from achieving success. Are you one of those who want to become a good programmer? Are you curious to know about what should you do to become one? We got answers to all of your questions.

Hello readers, welcome back. Today’s article is about “How to become a good programmer?”. People ask this question a lot. This article is a must read for all the college students out there. However, if you are not a student but want to build up a career in programming, then this article will surely help you. Today, we’ll tell you how to become a better programmer in just 6 easy steps.

6 Easy steps to become a better programmer:

Well, becoming a better program is not a numbo-jumbo. You can’t ask a witch to cast a spell, to turn you into a great coder. Programming requires determination. It requires patience. If you are not patient enough, this is not going to be easy.

1. Stick To The Plan – Don’t give up:

If you have a habit of giving up on things without finishing them, then sorry. You can’t become a good coder. You have to get rid of this habit. I also made this mistake in the early days, and I ended up wasting my time.


Most people keep on learning different programming languages. They think they can learn all of them. But in reality, they are just wasting their time. Stick to one programming language. Stick to one domain. Don’t keep on changing every now and then. Read about all the options available and then make a decision.

Take up an online course and start learning. You can enrol into a course on Udemy. You can read the below article to get some free Udemy courses.

2. A Good programmer improves his problem solving skills:

If you have learned about the basics of a programming language, then on should be on the top of your list. Good problem-solving skills are a must for a good programmer. If you can solve nasty problems with your crazy mind, you are one step closer to an awesome placement.


There are many people out there, who are not good at problem-solving. They can surely improve this by practising. Practising is the only thing that can alone make you a good programmer. You can work on your logic skills practising on coding ninjas, hacker rank or code chef.

I use hacker-rank for nourishing my problem-solving skills. They have plenty of mind-blowing programming questions. You can use any platform you like. Practice daily and you’ll become better every day.

This is one of the most important steps to become a better programmer.

3. Good coders also read other people’s code:



Reading someone else’s code will make you good at programming. If you’ll read someone else’s code, it’ll give you an idea about how he used his brain to solve a problem. It’ll improve your ability to understand other people’s code. If you can’t understand other people’s codes, it’ll be difficult for you to work with a team in a corporate company.

So, next time you are stuck with a problem and can’t figure it out, search about it on the internet. Read someone else’s code, it’ll give you an idea about how to solve it. But, make sure you don’t copy his/her code😉.

4. Take up a programming internship:


It is one of the most important steps to become a great developer. When you take up an internship, you work for a company, on a live project. You can also make some money while doing this. And some companies will also offer you a job if they like your work.

If you are a college student, 2-3 internships are the least you need to do. So, when an interviewer asks about your work experience, you’ll proudly tell him about it.

There are many websites providing online internships. You can also work as a freelancer to get some experience.

5. Encourage your friends for programming:



If you encourage your friends to start improving their programming skills, it’ll build a positive environment. I’m sure you’ve heard about the GOT saying:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” — George R.R. Martin

If a group of friends start programming, they can each other for help in solving problems. It’ll also enhance your skills if you help your friends. Your communication skills will also get improved.

6. Good programmers never stop learning:



Last but not the least, Never stop learning. If you want to be a good software developer, you have to stay up-to-date. Technologies and frameworks get updated frequently. You need to be aware about the need of your customers. You should be aware about how technologies are advancing.

So, read newspapers and magazines. Keep yourself updated about the popular activities going on around the world. If you have enough time, also read about non-technical stuff. Reading enhances your knowledge. Reading newspaper will also improve your English proficiency. However, I recommend using a good news app like Inshorts.

Bonus tips to become a good coder:



Take a break man – You ain’t a machine:

Don’t try to be a code-machine. Don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll end up getting irritated. Take a break every now and then. You don’t need to code every day. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a break and watch a great movie.

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So, that was all on this topic. I hope this article will help you with becoming a better coder. We’ll be back with another useful article for you.

Hey readers, Welcome to my profile. I am a student of B.tech in Computer Science. When I was in the eleventh standard, I wanted to do something different from others. When all my friends were busy scrolling Facebook, I started this blog. And today, this blog is growing and making progress. The feeling is too good to be expressed in words. Thanks for all the love.



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