Hey guys, we are back with a great news. As we all know, the global beta of PUBG mobile lighspeed update 0.7.0 has been released a few days ago. In this article, I’ll tell you what’s new and what’s changed in this update. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

PUBG mobile 0.7.0 Highlights:

  • New gun(rifle)

  • War mode

  • New Layout(lobby)

  • Much more

New Features and changes:

SLR: The all-new rifle:

So, there’s a brand new sniper rifle which you can say is a replacement for SKS. It deals massive damage but on the expense of recoil. The good thing about this new gun is that you can use both AR or Sniper mag(extended or quickdraw or extended quickdraw) on the SLR. Also, it supports both AR and Sniper muzzles(compensator, suppressor and flash hiders). You can use scopes up to 8x on this gun. You can call this gun an improved version of SKS. Just two headshots(if the enemy is not wearing level 3 helmet) and bang.  

New Scope-limit for Assualt Rifles:

Well, there’s a bad news for those who love using 8x on M16A4 or M416 or any other AR and use ’em for sniping. The 0.7.0 brings a scope limit. You will no longer be able to use 8x on any AR. You’ll be able to use 8x only on sniper rifles. Two new scopes will also be introduced. 

New Scopes: 

There are two new scopes to be introduced. You may already know about this. Yes, two new scopes. 6x and 3x. These two scopes will bring more durability to the game. More comfort for those who don’t like 8x and feel that 4x is not so good. You can use 6x on AR’s and do a quite nice sniping. I personally recommend using 6x on M16A4 with the single shot mode. 

Use boosts and bandages in running vehicle:

Now, you can use bandages and other boosting items in a running vehicle. But there are some limits. The speed of the vehicle should be less than 100 kmh. Also, there should be no flying cars, if you know what I mean.😂😂😂😂😂😂

The WAR-Mode is here baby:

Well, this is a mode which I was eagerly waiting for. The WAR-Mode. This is a limited period match. Player will get some random weapons on landing. Small area, more intensity. You’ll respawn after some seconds if you die. But the waiting time will keep increasing after each death. You’ll be able to play war mode at a particular time of the week.  This timing will be revealed on the official release. 

All-new User-interface in the lobby:

The user interface of the lobby has also been improved. You’ll surely like this. Here’s a Screenshot of the new lobby layout.

Also, there’s a new Clan system introduced in the game. I haven’t tried it yet.

A new tower on starter island:

There’s a new tower placed on the starter island. You should really check it out.

Release Date:

So, now the question that arises is that when will light-speed release the global update 0.7.0

The game is currently in beta testing mode. And the current season in PUBG will last till August. So, this new update will be released probably in the middle of August. Maybe a little earlier for IOS.

How to play before August(the beta version):

Well, if you want to play the beta version, then go here:


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