Pokemon Masters
Pokemon Masters

Nintendo is all set to release Pokemon Masters for Android and iOS this summer. Back then in 2015, Nintendo collaborated with Japanese company DeNa. The company has already released the official trailer of Pokemon Masters. Nintendo announced that Pokemon Masters will be available to play for free. Android and iOS users will download this game (Pokemon Masters) from official app stores.

Pokemon Masters: More trainers, more battles

Yun Sasaki, the producer of Pokemon Masters, says “the aim was to develop a game that lets any user pick up his phone casually and enjoy intense battles”. Certainly, Pokemon Masters focuses on Pokemon battles instead of capturing Pokemon. As we know, Pokemon Go featured capturing Pokemon. The battles in Pokemon Go were not so fun. But, this one is developed by keeping battles in mind.

While playing Pokemon masters, you will find other trainers carrying only one Pokemon with them. You can team up with other trainers and enjoy 3v3 real-time battles. Specifically, the game features an artificial island named Pasio. All the trainers battle to collect different badges, so they can qualify for the Pokemon Masters league. Besides, this game also includes trainer moves. Each trainer will have some moves that can they can use during battles. These moves will enhance their Pokemon’s confidence or help them heal.

Besides the unique game mode and exclusive features, In Pokemon Masters we expect good graphics quality from the developers. Although Nintendo will first the beta version only. So, beta users help them find bugs. Nintendo hasn’t announced the official release date of the game yet. But the game will be out soon. Check out the official trailer below:

Pokemon Masters official Trailer

Check out the official website here.

Nintendo’s collaboration with Dena:

Back then in 2015, Nintendo collaborated with Japanese company DeNa. DeNa will develop Pokemon games for Android and iOS. It has been a good run for Pokemon franchise. Game Freak developers announced that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games will also be released in November. They can be played on Nintendo Switch. So, get ready to play some cool Pokemon games on your Android or iOS

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