Samsung launched it’s 108 MP image sensor this week. This powerful image sensor is named as ISOCELL BRIGHT HMX. Samsung made this sensor by combining its forces with Xiaomi. Samsung’s image sensors could capture photos with resolution up to 64MP. But this sensor brought mobile photography to a whole new level.



So, this image sensor is designed to capture more light in low-light conditions. Its size is about 1-1.33 inches. It also supports Tetracell technology. That means it can combine 2×2 pixels into 1 pixel to produce brighter 27 MP photos. The image quality will be tremendous.

Also, this image sensor supports 6K video recording with a recording resolution of 6016 x 3384 px with an fps(frames per second) of 30. So, it’s a piece of good news for vloggers who record using their smartphones.

Also, this lens supports Samsung’s smart ISO capability. This lowers the ISO in brighter settings to increase the saturation. And increases it in low light conditions to reduce the noise.

Which smartphone will support this lens?

Let me remind you that it is just an image sensor and not a complete setup. Smartphone manufacturers will have to upgrade their tech to support this lens. They have to upgrade to not only handle the output of the lens but also to give power for image processing. That means they’ll have to use powerful processors. However, Samsung is planning to begin the mass production of Isocell Bright HMX.

Read the official news article on Samsung’s official website.

Samsung has announced that partner Xiaomi will be the first to use this image sensor.

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