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Are you one of those who are struggling with a very slow typing speed? If Yes, we can help you. Today, we’ll discuss the best ways to improve typing speed. What if I tell you that you can increase your typing speed while playing a game?

If you work in a corporate, you have to use a system. Slow typing speed can cost you a lot of time. Programmers must have a good typing speed to maximize productivity. Many freshers struggle with slow typing speed and end up getting spending a lot of time in writing code instead of debugging it.

Here’s an info-graphic from ratatype:

average typing speed

According to a survey, the average person in the United States has a typing speed of 38-40 WPM. If you are feeling low after reading this, don’t worry, we got you. If you are feeling confident, don’t forget there’s always a room for improvement. So, what is the recipe of fast typing?

How to Improve Typing Speed?

The one and the only way of improving your typing speed is to practice. But we have an amazing way to practice typing. Many people use software like typing master to improve their typing.

The fastest way of typing is touch typing. It is a method in which we type without having a glance at the keyboard. Our fingers memorize the position of all the keys on our keyboard and we don’t have to look at our keyboard again and again.

There are many websites online where you can practice typing. There are many softwares specially designed for this purpose. But, there’s also a fun way to improve typing speed. That’s by playing games.


Games to improve typing speed:

There are many games on the internet for improving typing speed. These games let you improve typing in a very interesting way. You can try these games.

But my personal favourite is This is an online game. You don’t need to download anything. Just sign up and start racing. Nitro Type makes you compete against other typists online in a car race. You have to type a given paragraph to make your car move. The faster you type, the faster your car accelerates. The motivation of winning the race will help you increase your typing speed. And when the race ends, they show all the statistics. You win some amount of money after each race. User can use this money to buy new amazing cars.


typing car race
Real-time racing
Typing car race
Race results
typing speed profile
Typing profile

It offers real-time racing. So, you can add friends and compete with them in a real-time PVP typing race. How incredible is that? This is the main reason why I love this website.

Their UI/UX is quite awesome. Using Nitro Type increased my typing speed dramatically in just a few days. If you want to improve your typing speed, you must give it a try.

How this game helps to increase typing speed?

You can increase your typing speed if you type daily. Harder the efforts, better the result. Nitro Type encourages you to put a lot of effort to win the race. So, you give your best and type as fast as you can. Typing big paragraphs can be boring. But typing big paragraphs to win a car race, is pretty cool.

So, that was all for today. I hope you liked this article. We’ll be back soon with another useful article like this.

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