how to switch from tpp to fpp in pubg

Hello, we are back with another cool trick. As we all know about the craze of PUBG around the world. There are many people who play PUBG on mobile on TPP mode. The latest 0.6 update introduced FPP.


TPP stands for Third Person Perspective. In this mode, we will see our character in the game. TPP came into PUBG mobile before FPP. So, most of the people play TPP. In this mode, we get a view of a third person. We’ll be able to see our character on the screen. This mode has its own advantages. It makes gameplay a bit easier.


FPP stands for First Person Perspective. This mode is a bit difficult than TPP. In this mode, we see what our character sees. We’ll be able to see our character’s hands only. Nothing else. After FPP mode was introduced in PUBG, it made the gameplay more challenging.


I found an article on how to switch from TPP to FPP in PUBG match using a physical keyboard(connected using USB or Bluetooth). I tried it and it worked well. But It’s not possible to carry a USB keyboard with you everywhere. So, here comes the tricky part. I found an app. It not only looks like a physical keyboard but also works like it. So, in this article, I’ll be telling you how to change from TPP to FPP within a match without using any physical keyboard. So, without any due, Let’s rock it.

So, first, download “Hacker’s Keyboard“. Don’t worry about the name. We are not gonna hack anything.

NOTE: You can use this trick only when you are playing TPP.

  • After downloading Hacker’s keyboard, enable it.
  • Then click on set input method and select hacker’s keyboard there.
  • After that, Go to Settings -) Language and input -) Hacker’s keyboard.
  • Find the option “Show permanent notification” and enable it.
  • Let’s try it now. Start a match in TPP mode in PUBG.
  • When the match starts, pull down the notification bar and click on Show hacker’s keyboard notification.
  • Now, the keyboard will appear.
  • Press V on the keyboard.
  • Now, you’ll be able to play FPP.
  • You can go back to TPP by repeating the process.

This is a very simple trick. I hope you liked it. Make sure you share this post with your PUBG friends. Don’t forget to like our FB page for regular updates.

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