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Google Spy

Welcome back, readers. Today, in this post, we’ll tell you about how Google is tracking all your activities. Google even knows that you are reading this article right now. Whenever you use a service provided by Google, you share your data with it. But you didn’t know about this, right? So, let’s start.
Google tracks you wherever you go.

Google tracks you wherever you go
Google tracks you wherever you go.

Google tracks you wherever you go. If your phone’s GPS is ON, then Google has your current location. If you go to a place every morning in the weekdays, then Google assumes that it’s where you work. Have you ever noticed notifications like “Heavy traffic in your area”? Google gets your location, and then examines the data received from drivers in that area. After that, Google tells you about the traffic. Same is the thing with the weather. Google gets your location from your device. And then tells if it’s going to rain. That’s how these services work.
Google tracks what you search on the internet.

Google tracks what you search on the internet
Google tracks what you search on the internet

Google knows what you search on the internet. Google tracks this to make your future searches better. As we all know, we make typos while searching. But still, Google guesses what we are looking for. And that guess is accurate in 98% cases. How does Google do that? Well, that’s not much complicated. Just like you, many people might have made the same typo while searching the same thing. Google just analyzes all the search data of people get the results that you’re looking for.
Google tracks what you watched on YouTube last night.

Google tracks what you watched on YouTube last night
Google tracks what you watched on YouTube last night

Do you have any idea about how Google recommends you videos in the YouTube home section? Google tracks your watch history. Google tracks your watch time on various videos and then recommend you those videos which people with similar interests watch. Google also tracks your comments on YouTube videos. It also tracks all the likes and dislikes. Google does all of this to provide you good user experience. Google does this just so you can watch what you like easily, without any hustle.

Google is tracking you. even when you’re in airplane mode
Google is tracking you. Even when you’re in Airplane Mode. It knows when you get out the car. When you’re walking. We now have proof. Google has been secretly tracking people against their wishes. The company has been collecting Android users’ location data, even when they’ve actively disabled location services. It’s an extremely concerning discovery, which means that Google can pinpoint exactly where you are even when you go out of your way to hide this information.
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Google tracked what you texted your Girlfriend last night.

Do you use the Google keyboard? Well, it’s the default keyboard in most of the Android phone nowadays. So, does this means Google tracks what you type? Well, that’s right. Google has all the data. Google knows what phrases you use the most. Google knows what combination of words you use the most. Google knows which email address you send to people the most. Google tracks all of this just for providing your suggestions. If you type a message daily, Google keyboard will put it in its memory. So, the next time you start typing the same, it’ll put rest of the sentence in the suggestion. You’ll be able to complete that sentence with just one tap. This feature can risk your privacy if someone else has access to your phone.
Google tracks all your emails too.
Google also tracks all of your emails. Have you ever noticed different sections like primary, social, promotions in Gmail? Google classifies all your emails on the basis of who is the sender and what message they have. If you receive a mail from a sender that is reported by many other Gmail users, then that email will be shown under Spam section. Google analyzes all the emails you receive to protect you from online scams and frauds.
So, this is how Google tracks all your activities in daily life. Google collects all this data to provide you better user experience. All this data is stored on the servers of Google and it is safe there. So, you don’t need to worry about it.
We’ll also discuss how we can stop Google from tracking all of our activities in future posts. Till then, FAREWELL!



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