Today, many people rely on digital platforms for their income. These people can be product managers, Youtubers, Bloggers and other content creators. These people know how much effort it takes to build an amazing product. But, what if these amazing products die without getting popular?

Hello readers, welcome back to Tricky Bhai. Today, In this article, I’ll tell you about a really amazing product. The best part of this product is that it’s free to try. We also have a great surprise for you at the end of this post.

The real test of a creator starts after he publishes his content on the internet. That test is promoting the content. Promoting on digital platforms is the most important task in today’s world.

If you’ll not focus on targeting the right audience, all your efforts will go in vain. Promoting content online requires a catchy tagline and an attractive image supporting your content. One can search on Google for taglines. But, what about the image? Not everybody is an awesome graphic designer. So, What is the solution?

DIMLR is the solution we have for you

DIMLR sounds weird, right? My first thoughts were also the same. However, when I opened, I got amazed. DIMLR solved all my designing problems. The best part about dimlr is that you don’t even need a PC or laptop.

DIMLR stands for Design In Mobile Like Ricky. Ricky is the creator of this amazing product. provides amazing predesigned templates. You can easily edit these templates on your Android devices. The best part is that there’s a tutorial video on how to edit for almost every template. The only thing you need is PixelLab in your Android device.

I’ve attached some examples at the end of this article.

How does it work? provides professionally designed templates. You can either get the free ones or get a subscription. The prices are very low, as compared to what you are getting. You can visit the pricing section and check their plans. For me, annual plans fit best.

Amazingly designed templates at such low prices. New designs are added frequently.

What do they offer?

They offer pre-designed templates, specially designed for Instagram campaigns, product promotion, Festive offers, E-book promotions, Twitter campaigns and much more. You have access to some of the templates for free. You’ll get a 1-year license to use their templates. If you want a life-time licence, then you have to buy DIMLR X plan. It is my favourite one.

How will it help me?

When someone asks me how he can kickstart his low-running business, I recommend him dimlr’s subscription. If your Advertisements have a professional image supporting your content or product, more people will get attracted.

If you present your product in a professional way, your market value will greatly increase.


I am also a creator. I know not every creator has enough money to buy subscriptions. That’s why I am suggesting you dimlr because their prices are reasonable. They also provide some free templates that you can use. Also, we have a gift for you. Here is a secret coupon for you.

Coupon code: LIMITED19

Use this code on the checkout page and you’ll get an amazing 20% discount on any of their plan. Hurry up! What are you waiting for?

Hey readers, Welcome to my profile. I am a student of in Computer Science. When I was in the eleventh standard, I wanted to do something different from others. When all my friends were busy scrolling Facebook, I started this blog. And today, this blog is growing and making progress. The feeling is too good to be expressed in words. Thanks for all the love.


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