Hello guys, welcome to tricky bhai. Today, i am back with some cool viruses. These viruses can be easily created in notepad and they are small in size. You can create these tiny viruses within a couple of minutes just by typing some simple codes. If you think that i am talking about batch viruses, then man, you are right. The tiny batch viruses can be very dangerous. So let’s start without wasting time.

Recommendation: If you have a good internet connection then instead of reading these 1000 words, watch the video tutorial. Click here for video tutorial(Youtube)

Requirements :

1. Windows OS.
2. Notepad.
3. Keyboard 😜.

How to create batch viruses?
To create these batch viruses, just open notepad. Type the codes given below. Save the file with .bat extension. Then send the batch file to your friends and tell them to run it.

Viruses :

1. To disable victim’s internet connection :

This virus can simply disable victim’s internet connection. This is just for fun. You can use this virus to frustrate your friends. So let’s start without wasting more time.

To create this virus, just open notepad and type the following code :

After that, save the file with .bat extension and send it to your friend. Tell him to run it and have fun😜.

Fix : To re-enable the internet connection, you have open CMD and run this command : ipconfig /renew

2. To erase all the data on victim’s computer(dangerous):

Well this virus is a little bit of dangerous. It can delete all the data present on victims’s Computer. But it will not touch anything present in C: drive or should i say the drive in which Windows is installed on victim’s computer.

To create this virus, open notepad and type the following code;

Warning: I am not responsible for any stupid act done by you.

3. To delete windows files on victim’s computer(very dangerous):

Please don’t try this at home😜.

This virus can delete all the data and .dll files present in system32 folder. This virus can force the victim to reinstall Windows. To create this virus, type the following code in notepad:

Note: This virus will not work unless the victim will run it Administrator. But my brother TGC(The Great Cheater) has a way. He can tell you how to convert batch files into .exe files and create hidden application. If you want to make this virus work, you need to convert it to .exe . We have shown it in Video tutorial. Click here for video tutorial 

4. To create this unlimited folders on Victim’s hard disk(My fav.😜):

If you want to create this awesome virus, and want to see how this tiny virus can hang a computer then watch the video tutorial here

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