Hey Guys, welcome to tricky bhai. Today i will tell you about some cool CMD commands using which you can use your system with more comfort. So let’s start without wasting more time.

Requirements :

1. Windows OS.
2. Administrator rights.

Note : You must run CMD as Administrator in order to use these commands.

Tip:Instead of wasting time reading these 1000 words, i recommend you to watch the video tutorial here.

To Run CMD as Administrator :

1. Go to Start menu.

2. Search for Command prompt.

3. Right click on it, and click on run as Administrator.

Commands :

1. driverquery : To get a list of all the installed drivers on your system.

This command is used to see all the drivers that are installed on your system. Sometimes, devices don’t work properly, in that case, you can check if you have installed the correct driver for that device using ‘driverquery‘ command. Just run CMD as Administrator, type driverquery and hit Enter.

2. sfc /scannow : To scan for bugs in system files.

This command will execute a scan to find bugs in system files and it will automatically fix the errors. This command is used when system don’t work properly. The scan can take upto 10 minutes to complete. Just run CMD, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

3. tasklist : to get a list of all the running process.

This command can be used when task manager behaves abnormally. We know that sometimes malwares make task manager non-responsive. In that case we can use tasklist command. It will also show the hidden processes, that task-manager sometimes don’t show. It also shows the memory used by each process. Run CMD , type tasklist and hit Enter.

4. taskkill : To kill a process using CMD.

This command is used to kill a process using CMD. I have explained its need in above paragraph. To kill a process, enter taskkill<space>-im<space>process id and hit Enter.

Bonus Trick :

Are you bored of the old look CMD ? That black and white look. Well, you can change Command Prompt’s color. Just right click on the title bar and click on properties. Go to color under colors tab, you can change Command Prompt’s background color, text color and transparency.

So guys, these were some cool CMD tricks. I will be back soon with some batch programming tricks next week. Thanks for reading. Have a Good day.   


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