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Programming isn’t about learning the syntax. It’s about solving a given problem in an optimized way. A good programmer never stops improving his problem-solving skills. If you want to be a good one, here are the best sites to practice programming.

Problem-solving skills are one of the important skills that an interviewer looks for in a candidate. Interviewers don’t care much about the language you code in. They know that if you have good problem-solving skills, you can code in pretty much any programming language. You can improve your problem-solving skills if you practise programming online.

Why Competitive Programming is Important?

Beginners don’t really bother about competitive programming that much. They just keep on cramming the syntax. They don’t focus on improving their problem-solving skills. This is the main reason why some CS students struggle to get a job after graduation. They fail in their aptitude exams and get eliminated in the first round.

Aptitude exam is the first step of the hiring process of most of the companies. If a candidate has solved hundreds of problems on different websites, I don’t think a simple aptitude exam is a big deal for him.

Also, big companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others, focus on your problem-solving and communication skills only. So, if you’re planning to get placed in a good product based company, you better start practising now. That’s because competitive programming is the key to nail coding interviews.

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Best Sites to practice programming:

All these websites support programming in all the popular languages like C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript and many more.

1. HackerRank

If you’re a beginner and have never touched competitive programming, Hackerrank is the place for you. You can start with the easy problems and then slowly move to medium and then hard. Most people don’t prefer Hackerrank that much. That’s because Hackerrank doesn’t host many contests. So, it is not known for competitive programming. But they’ve easy coding challenges for beginners.

However, most of the companies use Hackerrank for coding rounds. So, it’s better to get familiar with the level of problems they have there. Once you get a good idea about how to solve coding problems, you can move on to Codechef. I also started with Hackerrank and then moved on to Codechef.

2. CodeChef

Codechef is one of the best websites for coding challenges. They host many short and long challenges. If you’re familiar with problem-solving want to get your hands dirty with competitive programming, Codechef is the place for you. They host many short and long challenges. They give you tricky coding problems to solve in an efficient way.

There’s one good thing about Codechef. That is, they don’t show you the test cases. You’ve to test your solution for all the corner cases. This can also get irritating when you get solving a problem. I used to get mad a lot in the beginning. However, I got used to it. And trust me, it’s a good thing.

3. LeetCode:

LeetCode is one of the most popular websites for online coding practice. The best thing about LeetCode is they have questions asked by many of the big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more. If you’re preparing to get placed in a big company, LeetCode will surely help you.

They accept solutions in all the popular programming languages. LeetCode is one of the best websites to improve coding skills and prepare for tech interviews.

4. Codeforces

If you are crazy about competitive programming and want to participate in more and more coding challenges, Codeforces is the best option for you. They host more contest than Codechef. However, the UI of this website is classic. I personally prefer Codechef over this one. But when it comes to coding contests, Codeforces has an upper hand.

Few more Websites to Practice Programming

BONUS: AlgoExpert(Paid)


If you’re serious about cracking coding interviews like a pro and can pay a bit, I would recommend It’s a company started by an ex-Googler. They have hundred coding problems ordered in increasing difficulty. It can greatly enhance your problem-solving skills.

It polishes your capability to come up with optimized algorithms for solving different coding problems. They cover almost all types of approaches one can use to solve a particular problem. The best thing is that they have explainer videos for all the problems. It can really help you understand how to solve a problem.

So, that was all for today. These were the best sites to practice programming and preparing for coding interviews. I hope this article was helpful to you. We’ll come back with another informative article.

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