After the amazing success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Mobile platforms, developers are providing regular updates of the game. They are trying their best to make the game better and fair for everyone. Also, the next update 0.11.5 is on its way, in which users will get a new weapon(G36C) and three-wheeler Tukshai which we have already seen in PUBG PC. The expected PUBG mobile update date is not confirmed yet.
The PUBG mobile latest update (0.11.0) came with a new Zombie mode which has become much popular. It’s not easy to kill those fat and scary zombies and ‘Survive Till Dawn’. Also, the night version of ‘Vikendi’ map is quite impressive and makes it a bit harder to spot enemies. 
Now, let’s talk about upcoming PUBG updates. Here are some updates that we wish to happen in upcoming PUBG updates. Including these things in the game will make it harder and more realistic. So, let’s start: 

What if we get the “Death Race” climax in PUBG?

Death Race In PUBG
You might have seen Youtubers doing a Death Race in Custom Rooms in PUBG pc or PUBG mobile. But what if PUBG officially adds the ‘Death Race’ mode in the game. Gamers will get to show off their driving skills and gunslingers will be able to pierce heads with their bullets. Almost every PUBG player likes care battles. So, it would be a great thing if a ‘Death Race’ mode is introduced in upcoming PUBG updates in which, there would be a lot of car battles. Lots of action and racing together.
So, we can expect that developers will add a new arcade mode in PUBG future updates.

What about a custom radio in cars and jeeps?

Custom Radio in PUBG
Custom Radio In PUBG
Remember playing GTA Vice-City or SanAndreas? There used to be custom radio in all the cars in these games. What if we get a custom radio in all the cars, jeeps and mini-buses? This radio will give us information about killings and chaos in different cities. And those, who are hungry for kills, will drive to those cities and make some noise. Also, it would help defensive players too. A camper will never dare to step in Pochinki if Shroud is killing everybody there😂😂.

What about a new map? But this time, with lots of water.

Water Map In PUBG
Water Map
Don’t you think that PUBG should try to think about increasing the involvement of water on the map? Because most of the players avoid traveling through water using boats. Because it’s harder to survive a battle in water. But, what if there are no roads? 
Developers should introduce a new map in upcoming PUBG updates. A map which is full of islands instead of cities. Lots of boats and no roads. Imagine the level of difficulty. And later if they introduce the night mode of that map. It’ll make many players fall in love with this game. Also, the gameplay would be much harder and challenging. But, ‘LEGENDS NEVER DIE’.
So, we can expect developers to bring in a new map like this in future PUBG updates.

What about a complete Indian experience?

India Map In PUBG
India Map
So, developers know that PUBG is quite much popular in India. To give an Indian feel, they have added a scooter in ‘Sanhok’. A three-wheeler Auto-Rickshaw is also coming in the future PUBG updates on mobile platforms. The PC version of PUBG already have it. But, these are just vehicles.
What about a whole Indian map? Indian-styled homes, shops, and cities. Rough hills and big open farms. 
We would love to see an Indian version of this game. It’ll be fun.

Wait, Where are all the animals?

Animals In PUBG
Animals in PUBG
In order to provide a more realistic experience, developers can add animals in the game. Imagine you are snaking in the last zone and a real snake bites you. This will make the game more interesting. Players will have to be aware of robotic animals too. And these animals can also distract players. So, the difficulty will be on a whole new level. There’s no official information from developers about introducing animals in upcoming PUBG updates. But, we can expect that they would think about it. And if they decide to add animals in PUBG, they are gonna have to work hard on the graphics and visual effects. And introducing animals into the PUBG mobile will game the much heavier. Developers will first have to optimize the game first. They should pay attention to improve the gameplay experience in future PUBG updates.
So, we can expect that developers will introduce animals in upcoming PUBG updates. But not so early.

Enough with the big updates. What about a new arcade mode?

Developers have included almost all types of vehicles in the game. Cars, bikes, scooters, jeeps, mini-buses, three-wheelers, all these have been introduced into the game. But developers forgot about trains. There are many players out there who don’t like sticking to the phone for much time and prefer playing arcade mode. Introducing trains in the classic version will be boring. But, What about a new arcade mode in which 28 players land on the top a moving train? Those, who fall from the train, will die. And the area will be restricted with time following the blue zone method of PUBG. So, players will come closer and closer. The last one surviving will get a chicken dinner🐔🐔🐔.

We can make it a lot harder.

Civilians In PUBG
Civilians In PUBG

Remember that game Virtua cop 2 in which policemen used to kill terrorists. The thing in that game which I’m trying to point here is civilians. What about a new game mode in which we work as a cop and rescue the civilians, killing the criminals or other players. Killing civilians would give us damage. It would make the game a little bit similar to Counter-Strike rescue missions. But, It’ll be something new in PUBG. 

So, these were the updates that we can expect in 2019. Although these updates are not confirmed by the official PUBG team. But we can expect these in upcoming PUBG updates in 2019

Also, there are many bugs in the current latest global version of PUBG mobile. There are many glitches in the game. Here are some common issues faced by players in PUBG mobile 0.11.0.

High Ping


Players are facing high ping issues from the last two updates. While playing the game, suddenly the ping touches 968ms. It doesn’t matter how good their internet connection is. It is because of server lag. And developers must do something to fix this.


The biggest problem faced by players after the last update is with doors. Players are facing problem opening and closing the doors. It should be fixed soon or players would be very upset.

Gun Glitch

Another bug is the gun glitch. If a player stands near to a wall, sometimes his gun becomes visible to outside players. and he gets spotted easily. Also after a player gets knocked, if he faces towards the wall, his head becomes visible to the enemy.

Issues with voice chat

Another big issue is with the voice chat. When a player restarts his game sometimes, the voice chat stops working. And sometimes the player’s mic stops working completely after the match starts. Developers must do something to fix this because voice communication is one of the most important parts of this game. 

You forgot to optimize😒😒


Another big problem with PUBG mobile is that it is not optimized properly. The Chinese version of the game is quite better in the field of optimization. But the global version of PUBG mobile lags a lot when there are other players around. And this lag ruins the experience of many players. Some good players die early just because of lag. So developers should pay some attention to the optimization of the game, in order to improve the gameplay experience.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 to be released on 21st of march which we all are eagerly waiting for.

So these are all the common issues that I have faced while playing PUBG mobile. I hope that the PUBG team will fix these bugs ASAP so that we can enjoy a smooth gameplay experience and have some tasty ‘CHICKEN DINNERS”🐔🐔.

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