Hey guys, we are back with another cool article. Today i will tell you about 5 cool chrome extensions that are incredibly amazing. So let’s start right now.

Video tutorial : As you guys know we have started a YouTube channel. Check it out by clicking here.  And here is the video on 5 chrome extensions that are amazingly useful.

Requirements :
1. Google chrome.(Get latest version here).
2. Working internet connection.

How to add extensions to chrome :

1. Run Google chrome.
2. Enter chrome webstore using this link.(Click Here).
3. Search for the extension that you want to install.
4. Then click on the Add to Chrome button.
5. Wait for the process to be completed.
6. Click on Add extension when it will prompt for confirmation.
7. That’s it, it will be added to your browser.

Top 5 Extensions :

1. Honey: Honey is quite useful for those who love shopping online. Well dude, you can great discounts using this extension. It gives you all the promotional codes available on the shopping site that you visit. So, it will help you to save your hard earned money. It’s quite useful. Give it a try.

Click Here to add Honey to your browser.

2. Speak It!!: Well, If you don’t like to read lengthy articles and want your computer to speak it out. Then MR. Lazy boy of the year. This extension is specially for you. It converts text into speech and it’s very easy to use. Just select some text, right click on it, then click on speak it and your system will read it out for you.

Click Here to add this extension to your Browser

3. Turn off the lights: This extension  is for those people who  use YouTube at night or want to have the feel of cinema on YouTube. If you’ll play a video and start this extension, then all the content will fade into dark and only video will be highlighted. This is quite cool, give it a try.

Click here to add this extension to your browser

4. Panic Button: This extension is specially for youngsters. We all know what privacy means. What if you are chatting with your girlfriend and a relative suddenly shows up. Well, dude, be tricky….be awesome. You don’t need to panic anymore. Leave it to the Panic Button. Panic Button closes all your tabs when you click on it or press the key combination that you saved. According to me, it’s a must-have extension. To customize panic button after adding it your browser, right click on the panic button extension and click on options. Then scroll down the opened page and customize your panic button. You can customize it as you want. You can set a password, set a page that’ll open when You press it. So it’s quite helpful. Give it a try.

Click here to add this extension to your browser

5. Save to Pocket: Last but not the least, we have save to pocket. Well, this extension is quite common these days. Most of the users have it. But as it is quite useful, it got place in the top 5 list. So let me get to it straight. Using this extension, you can save articles, videos, links and much more just in two clicks. Just select what you want to save, right click on it, and click on save to pocket. To access the saved articles, click on the Pocket icon, Click on options(three dots), then click on open pocket. Then a page will open up containing all the articles, videos or other things that you saved to your pocket.

Click here to add this extension to your browser

So guys, this was all for today, If you liked the post, share it with your friends and like our Facebook page for regular updates. See you in next post. Stay safe. Be TRICKY, Be AWESOME


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